Diversity Recruiting – How to Attract and Recruit Diverse Candidates

Diversity in the workplace is important, but can be hard to achieve. Figuring out how to recruit diverse candidates isn’t as easy as holding diversity recruiting events. Diversity hiring usually requires discomfort, and sometimes an upheaval of your recruitment process. We have compiled some of the best diversity recruiting ideas and practices.
diversity hiring
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Every employer wants a recruiting strategy that yields diverse candidates. However, it can be hard to make this want a reality. As it turns out, figuring out how to recruit diverse candidates isn’t as easy as holding specialized recruiting events. Nor is it as easy as analyzing diversity recruiting metrics. Hiring with diversity in mind usually requires discomfort, and sometimes an upheaval of your recruitment process. Why is it worth the trouble? And what are the diversity recruiting challenges to look out for?

At Find.Jobs, we know what benefits companies can get from a diverse workforce, and we’re going to share our knowledge with you! We’ve also compiled some of the best diversity recruiting ideas and practices. Join us as we walk you through what you can do to take your company’s diversity recruitment strategies to the next level. Read on to find out why diversity hiring is for you!

What Qualifies As Diversity Recruiting?

There are many different kinds of diversity, and most are circumstantial. For example, the most talked about diversity categories include race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation. But there are other important ones, such as ethnicity, economic status, age, and disability. Often overlooked are learned diversities, like experiential and skill-based. There’s a lot to consider!

The important thing is, you’re best off not aiming for just one kind of diversity. Good diversity recruitment strategies are broad and open-ended. Diversity recruiting is about being more inclusive, not just getting diversity recruitment metrics up. Keeping an open mind and avoiding exclusionary hiring tactics are key to reaping the benefits of hiring a diverse workforce. Let’s talk about diversity can do for you!

What Can Diversity Do For A Company?

Your new diversity recruiting strategy could do a lot for your company. Businesses with a diverse workforce tend to benefit greatly from so many different perspectives. An increase in diverse thought and creativity is linked to staying on the cutting edge. Whether that means advancing your product or keeping ahead of the market, keeping ahead of the game is always good!

Companies can suffer if they neglect to hire diversely. As it turns out, creating a company culture that only caters to a specific group isn’t always great for business. The reason for this is simple. If most people in a company have the same strengths and weaknesses, those weaknesses become major pain points for the business. By having a diverse network of employees, a company can be stronger over all, as interpersonal diversity helps compensate for areas in which one group may be stronger or weaker. Here’s an example of this: having millennials in the workplace is great for keeping a company up to date with trends, particularly in social media. However, a company of ONLY millennials may end up creating products or services that don’t resonate with consumers due to a lack of diverse input in development.

Ultimately, a good diversity recruiting strategy has one major direct benefit. Simply put, you’ll have more candidates to choose from! Some surveys have found that ⅔ of all job searchers consider diversity in the workplace a deciding factor. Thus, if you can court job seekers in ways that demonstrate a commitment to diversity, you could potentially triple your applicant pool!

How To Implement A Diversity Recruiting Strategy

So, just how do you go about enacting diversity recruitment strategies? Well, before you do anything else, you need to prepare yourself for discomfort. Not everyone is good at talking about diversity, and some unpleasant truths about company bias may surface. But ultimately, these things get easier with practice, and benefit everyone.

Also, consider your company’s benefits, and how you could enhance them to make your company more attractive to a diverse audience of candidates. For instance, commute assistance increases the geography you can pull from. A solid work/life balance appeals to younger generations, which is half of the current applicant pool. And generous childbirth benefits appeals to any potential parents, but especially to women.

There are many further ways you can attract diverse candidates. Here we’ve outlined other specific and pragmatic diversity recruiting ideas that will improve your hiring practices. Check out our tips and read our infographic!

Diversity Recruiting Tips

  • Involve HR early. It is literally their job to resolve differences between people. Get them involved in the process from the ground up so you don’t have diversity recruiting issues later!
  • Update your job application and requirements. Try to keep requirements to a minimum; you’d be surprised what can exclude certain candidates. And be sure to use language that is true to the spirit of the company without excluding people who aren’t a 100% perfect fit.
  • Consider internal referrals. If you already have a somewhat diverse workplace, your employees likely have diverse referrals. It’s as good a place to start as any!
  • Advertise in new places. You’d be surprised how different demographics look for jobs. Even men and women go to different kinds of job sources! Advertise in a variety of places, especially ones that appeal to diversity. Our job search sites Diversity.Jobs and Minority.Jobs are an excellent place to begin!
  • Recruit from new direct sources. For instance, aim for colleges that are as diverse as you want to be!
  • Work on your branding. Use diverse employee pictures. Get testimonials. Publish statistics. Display awards. And of course, host events and philanthropy related to diversity!
  • Update your recruitment process. There are several ways to go about updating for your diversity recruiting strategy. Consider blind resumes and blind interview processes. Aim for having an inclusive interview process that doesn’t comment on the candidate. Incentivize recruiters for quality, not speed. Even consider personality tests to get more diversity of thought!

Start Recruiting With Find.Jobs!

As mentioned, a major component of recruiting for diversity is advertising in new places. The Find.Jobs network is one of the best places to do this. We own tens of thousands of .jobs domains, and push out targeted job ads to any applicable sites. That means that US-based jobs which prioritize diversity will end up on US.Jobs, Diversity.Jobs, and Minority.Jobs, along with many other relevant sites. Working with Find.Jobs is one of the most far-reaching and affordable ways to publish your job advertisements. With just a small number of changes, you can be well on your way to having a robust diversity recruiting strategy.

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