Guide to the Job Offer Letter: How to Wow Your New Hire

A candidate has made it through the interview process and you are ready to offer them a job. However, not all job offers are created equal. Read our Guide to Offer Letters to learn how to wow your next hire. Learn what to include, why to include it, and even how to format your offer letter for the best impact!
job offer letter
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In a job market where employers need to compete for the best talent, you can make yourself stand out by writing a stellar job offer letter. It’s good to operate under the assumption that a great candidate might get multiple job offers. With this in mind, write your offer letter with the aim of showing your candidate just how much you want them. It’s your final opportunity to pitch the job and your company. Having a good offer letter template in your arsenal of hiring tools can go a long way.

Hiring smarter matters to us at Find.Jobs. We’ve created this simple guide to writing a job offer letter that will really impress your candidate. We’ve taken the time to go through each section, what to include, and why it works. Read on to learn how to write a job offer letter that will impress your potential employees.

Job Offer Letter Header

When writing a job offer letter, it’s easy to ignore the details, especially if you’re writing an email. Paying attention to the little things, particularly the header, makes a difference between an ok and a great letter. The header is the first thing a potential employee sees. You want it to look professional and legitimate.

Having a company logo in your header goes a long way. It creates a sense of brand identity, establishment, and stability before you’ve even started writing. Another small detail that can make a big difference is adding a date to your letter, even if you aren’t including sender and recipient details. A date imparts a sense of urgency, and is helpful for both the candidate’s and your record keeping. Last, a dated document just looks more professional!

Start Strong

This is where you deliver the good news. Start inviting, and get exciting! It’s usually smart to open a job offer letter with “Dear [candidate first name],” it sounds more professional than “Hello.” From there, you state the offer! “We are excited to inform you,” or “We are thrilled to offer,” are ways to sound enthusiastic and affable. And don’t forget to include the job title!

This is the start of your sale. It’s okay to keep the offer letter’s tone a bit on the lighter side. Get them excited; You have a great job to offer them! They’re clearly interested in the job! You get into the nitty gritty after this, so start off on a positive, friendly, and upbeat note.

Job Offer (Practical) Details

You put the practical info at the start of the job offer letter for a reason. First, when candidates return to the email to find information, the details they’re looking for will be easier to access. Let them know right away when and where they’ll go, who they’ll report to, what comes next. It doesn’t hurt to include some initial job responsibilities to make sure they understand what’s expected!

Opening the letter with practical information about the job they’ll be doing can help keep excitement high. Knowing what they’ll be doing next helps keep enthusiasm high! It also brings a sense of concreteness and reality to the job offer, taking it out of the abstract. Not to mention, if they’re looking at other jobs too, a call to action helps draw them to your offer.

Job Offer Contingencies

The pragmatic details are the least fun part of an offer letter, but they’re absolutely crucial. Contingencies include many different things, and can influence an individual’s decision to accept an offer. Examples include: background checks, drug checks, NDAs and I-9s, proof of eligibility and references, or other paperwork. Be thorough and include all relevant information so that employees aren’t stuck with surprises later on. Make sure your potential employee knows everything they need to get back to you, ASAP!

Benefits, Bonuses, And Compensation

This is information that potential employees will ALWAYS look for. Let’s face it, people look for jobs because they want to get paid! Give a thorough outline of what a candidate can look forward to if they choose to accept the offer. Include information about benefits, perks, bonuses, paid time off, and of course, compensation! Open this section with information about salary or wages, and then fill in all the rest of the details. By being entirely transparent with compensation, you give people the power to make informed decisions.

Job Offer Letter Closing

All of the important information has been laid out; it’s time to wrap up. Make sure to include any information about the offer expiration date, or when you need the above paperwork done by. Make this clear, perhaps even on its’ own line. You don’t want candidates to miss any important deadlines!

An offer letter is not the same as a contract, but it should still communicate legal information. Often included is an at-will statement, explaining that employment is at the will of an employer. Other sections include non-compete, confidentiality, exemption, arbitration, and disclaimers. What you include will depend on the company; talk to HR. Again, transparency is key here. By making as much information available up front, you simultaneously empower the candidate, and protect your company.

And finally, the sign-off. You may put the above legal info above or below this. Either way, reiterate to your excitement from the opening! Let them know you’re looking forward to working with them and hearing from them soon. Seem inviting and enthusiastic. And end with your signature, printed name, job title, and contact information.

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