Niche Job Board Strategy: Find Riches in the Niches with Niche Job Boards

Niche job boards are one of the most important places for recruiters to post their jobs. At first glance, a niche job board may seem too highly focused to reach as large an audience as you may want. But seasoned recruiters know that their targeted content can be extremely effective in reaching the right candidates. If you can use them right, they’re an important part of any good job recruiter’s toolkit!
Money stashed in nook of a tree, representing the riches in the niches to be found using niche job boards
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Niche job boards are one of the most important places for recruiters to post their jobs. At first glance, a niche job board may seem too highly focused to reach as large an audience as you may want. But seasoned recruiters know that their targeted content can be extremely effective in reaching the right candidates. If you can use them right, they’re an important part of any good job recruiter’s toolkit!

Without more knowledge, the usefulness of a niche job board can be hard to understand or appreciate. It’s easy to look at the large presence of general job boards and think they’re the best option. While it can be tempting to just go with general sites, the best place a job can be posted often depends on what kind of job is being advertised. Sometimes those smaller niche job boards can be a much smarter option. 

Coming up, we’ll explain precisely what a niche job board is, and why posting your niche careers there can be the best choice. We’ll be sure to cover the pros and cons of these smaller boards, too. Finally, we will explain what we at Find.Jobs do, and how our job distribution model makes the most of many smaller, targeted sites. And, by extension, how we can help get more demand for your niche jobs than you’ve ever had before. So read on to get to know niche job boards and what they can do for you!

What Are Niche Job Boards

If you are used to only posting on general job sites, you may be unfamiliar with what niche job boards are. To put it simply, niche job boards are any job posting site designed to target a particular audience . When people think of them, they’re usually thinking of the ones that target candidates in a specific industry, but there are other types, as well. Location based job boards are fairly common. Plenty exist which focus on freelance or part-time work, too. Most colleges will have their own job finding resources. These kinds of boards can even be aimed at a specific sector of the workforce.

Essentially, there are as many niche job boards as there are classifications of workers. Niche boards can be organized by job and industry, location, hours or contract, school, even by salary! Candidates naturally search for jobs based on criteria like these, and will often encounter job boards like these. This can benefit you tremendously — if you know which boards are attracting your target audience. This can take a lot of guesswork, but with the right tools and services it doesn’t have to! Find.Jobs can take your job listings and automatically sort them into relevant categories, as well as distribute them to a number of appropriate niche sites. The process is completely automated, so you don’t have to research every open position you have to find what nice boards it belongs on. It’s a real time-saver if you want to take advantage of the benefits of niche boards!

Why To Use Niche Job Sites

Niche job boards have some very specific strengths that bigger, more general job boards can’t offer. Here are some of the most useful benefits to using niche job boards.

  • Avoid the sifting process by finding qualified candidates right away. If a job candidate is on niche job boards, they’re looking for those niche careers. These applicants likely have the credentials and knowledge necessary to be viable candidates in your recruiting process! On general boards, you get more people who don’t understand the requirements, or are applying in spite of them.
  • Get and stay visible. Niche jobs stand out more on their respective boards than in the sea of a general job search site. Not only is there less competition, but what sets you apart in a niche market can become white noise elsewhere. The average person may not know the norms of your industry, after all. Post somewhere you’re guaranteed to be seen– and appreciated!
  • Collect more passive applicants. People happy in their jobs but possibly interested in other opportunities don’t tend to cruise the big job boards. Instead, they’ll look for opportunities like their current job, but better. They can find these niche careers on niche job boards! Using these sites is a good way to collect potential future candidates in a way you often can’t elsewhere.
  • Get as detailed as you want in your job description. On niche job boards, everyone is going to understand the industry or area in question. You can get more in-depth and narrow down your search from the description! Attracting just anyone with a general description just won’t be as efficient. 
  • Work with the niche job boards. Smaller sites give you better customer support and control over your job postings. Simply put, you have more power!

Why NOT To Use Niche Job Sites

For all their benefits, exclusively using niche job boards can have some drawbacks. The first and most obvious is that they typically have a smaller  reach. While you’ll attract a higher percentage of qualified candidates, you’ll get more volume from bigger, general job boards. With a large, generalized job board, you’ll attract a small percentage of a huge audience. Conversely, with a niche board, you’ll attract a large percentage of a smaller audience. Which strategy will yield the greatest number of qualified candidates is a toss up. Relying on only one strategy or the other can be a risk.

Managing several niche job boards can be frustrating for recruiters. You’ll probably want to advertise on a couple to avoid the above problem and beat the numbers game, but this raises a few issues. How many should you use? How many targeted job ads do you write? Just how do you keep track of all of them? And how expensive can this all be? General job boards skip this process through a brute numbers approach. While niche job boards are often easier to work with, working with one site is usually  easier than several.

If you go the route of only using large job boards, you may miss candidates that are only on a niche job board. The passive candidates we discussed above are a perfect example of this type of job seeker. There are others that simply prefer the experience of niche boards and use them exclusively. And with so many postings on general job boards, some candidates will never find yours. So… does a compromise exist?

Find.Jobs Gives You Niche Job Boards With General Job Board Benefits

Now that we’ve covered the pros of both niche and general job boards, this is a good time to explain how Find.Jobs combines the best of both worlds. The Find.Jobs network of sites is made up of tens of thousands(!) of niche job boards. When you choose to advertise with us, we push out your job ad to all the relevant sites we have, based on keywords and other criteria. A perfect example: Say that you want to advertise a US-based internship. That job will appear on Internship.Jobs, our hyper-popular US.Jobs, and a slew of other targeted niche job boards using your keywords and demographics. And because we offer industry low rates, you get this spread extremely affordably!

This avoids several of the problems we covered above. For one, you only need to write one job ad with the relevant information and keywords to be posted everywhere. For another, you can keep track of all your job posts in one convenient place. Going with this model is also, of course, extremely cost effective. Add to that the reach of tens of thousands of sites, and you have a network of best job posting sites for employers!

Right now, having read this article, you’re ahead of the curve. You know exactly why niche job boards are useful. You know why there are strengths and weaknesses to using niche and general job boards. And you know how to make the most of your job ads. In other words, you’re more than ready to start posting jobs. And there’s nowhere better to start than with Find.Jobs! So get in touch with us today to make the most of niche job boards!

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