Discovery Engine
Our revolutionary way of getting your jobs into Google for Jobs,
the web’s most powerful job aggregator.

Google for Jobs

What it can do for you

The majority of job seekers begin their job search on Google. To enrich their experience, Google displays relevant job opportunities in an eye-catching box at the very top of the search results.  For potential candidates to find your jobs, it is crucial that Google can identify your job posts. This is where the Discovery Engine comes in. Nobody makes it easier than we do to get your jobs listed in Google for Jobs.

Structured Data

Data is Key

Your jobs need the right structured data to get into Google for Jobs. Generating the correct formatting can be a long, difficult task. Even if properly formatted, your jobs are still not guaranteed to appear in Google for Jobs. Our software makes all the difference. Discovery Engine ensures that your data is structured properly, and the massive scale of our network gets your jobs noticed by Google.

Ease of Use

Google for Jobs - Unlocked

We know you don’t want to go through the headache of remaking job listings, which is why we’ve made integration a breeze. Whether your jobs are listed on an ATS or elsewhere, implementation of Discovery Engine is quick and easy. Just point us towards your jobs and we can take care of the rest!

Faster Indexing

The quickest way to Google

With the largest job board network in the world, Google finds our jobs at unprecedented rates. Hiring is often time-sensitive, so it is important your jobs are distributed as fast as possible. By displaying your jobs on thousands of websites, we greatly reduce the time it takes for Google to discover your jobs!

Get your jobs noticed

Discovery Engine

We’ve created an innovative solution for getting your open positions into Google for Jobs. Meet the Discovery Engine. It organizes the content of your job postings into structured data, which is the key to getting your posts found by Google.

After the structured data is generated, the Discovery Engine distributes your jobs across our network of thousands of websites, which amplifies the opportunity for Google to pick them up. This automated process has made it easier than ever for companies and recruiters to get their jobs to the front page of Google.

Boost your hiring
with the Discovery Engine