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Guide to the Job Offer Letter: How to Wow Your New Hire

A candidate has made it through the interview process and you are ready to offer them a job. However, not all job offers are created equal. Read our Guide to Offer Letters to learn how to wow your next hire. Learn what to include, why to include it, and even how to format your offer letter for the best impact!

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diversity hiring

Diversity Recruiting – How to Attract and Recruit Diverse Candidates

Diversity in the workplace is important, but can be hard to achieve. Figuring out how to recruit diverse candidates isn’t as easy as holding diversity recruiting events. Diversity hiring usually requires discomfort, and sometimes an upheaval of your recruitment process. We have compiled some of the best diversity recruiting ideas and practices.

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Hands placing puzzle pieces, completing a puzzle that spells out "Talent"

Must-Dos in Talent Acquisition

Develop your image before someone else does. Take advantage of employee referrals. Pay appropriately and do it upfront. These are just a few of the many must-dos in talent acquisition which can help your company become a top-notch hiring organization.

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